American named in Hillary Clinton’s transition team

Indian American Neera Tanden was among senior members of a move team named by the Clinton campaign on Tuesday to lay the groundwork for the nominee presidency, may she win.

Tanden was identified as a co chair, With former national collateral adviser Tom Donilon, Former governor Jennifer Granholm and Clinton 2008 email campaign manager Maggie Williams.

Ken Salazar, A former interior assistant, Was branded as the chairman. The team will are accountable to Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta, Who is an ancient chief of staff of Bill Clinton.

The transition team prepares the newly elected president to have his or her software in place the day he or she is sworn in, And not waste weeks and days putting it along with.

the c’s, which is physically based in Washington DC, generally speaking has to fill around 4,000 positions in different departments of the us government.

within 2010 law, The transition teams of the two major candidates are provided federal office space in DC and receive briefings from the incumbent direction.

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Tanden, Who was among the only two Indian Americans to speak at Clinton presidential convention in Philadelphia the other was Ami Bera is ages associate of the Clinton’s.

She started assisting Clinton during her 2000 campaign for the senate as deputy campaign manager, And joined her on election as the senator legislative director.

When Clinton ran for lead designer in 2008, Tanden was her campaign policy manager. She joined the Obama team after Clinton dropped out as residential policy director.

Tanden joined the national government as a senior adviser and played a key role in formulating the president landmark health care reform law, a serious legacy project.

She left the control and joined the Center for American Progress, A DC think tank proven by Podesta, Who now heads the Clinton advertising and marketing campaign. She scalps it now, As us president.

Asked recently about Indian Cheap Jerseys | Wholesale NFL Jerseys Site Americans who could be named to senior positions in a Clinton obama administration, Podesta said he could believe one for sure, And which were Tanden.

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